Strength and Conditioning | Private Coaching and Services

The Cave’s Strength & Conditioning Program offers Private Coaching to individuals looking for specific attention to their fitness. Each of our highly qualified coaches holds different specialties. So, based on your goals, we will match you with a coach who can help you reach them. Rates and available times vary by coach.

  • For general adult and youth training inquiries, please contact our Strength & Conditioning Director, Bo, at

Cancellation policy for private sessions. For private sessions canceled 48 hours before a client’s scheduled session, The Cave retains 50% of coach’s rate. For private sessions canceled 24 hours before a client’s scheduled session, The Cave retains 100% of the coach’s rate.

Special Services

Our athletes safety and performance are of top priority here at The Cave. Streamline your athlete’s performance through functional assessment and rehabilitation of mobility or stability imbalances. Meet Molly Taylor, The Cave’s Certified Athletic Trainer.

Molly utilizes her client’s injury history paired with an in depth evaluation to establish what manual therapies, mobility or strengthening exercises they may need to feel and perform at their best. Creaky movements or painful cracks when you perform certain activities? Have Molly check it out…


  1. Chat! Chat pain, past injuries, limitations, current activities…
  2. Evaluate range of motion, soft tissue, joint structures, strength/stability, etc
  3. Treat problem areas!
  4. Re-evaluate, continue to treat, and re-evaluate again
  5. Create a treatment/exercise plan unique to you that addresses the problem areas and prevents future injuries


Ready to streamline your performance in Strength & Conditioning? Are there certain olympic lifts or skills that make your hip or shoulder scream? Do you feel limited by an old injury or nagging pain? Molly can help! Molly combines her musculoskeletal and injury knowledge with personal experience performing the same WODs that you hate to love.Using that knowledge, she can establish a mixed manual therapy/mobility/stability routine unique to your body’s needs to help maximize your physical potential and cool down your pain.

Email for more information, or to set up an appointment.


  • Initial Evaluation ($120/hour):
    • Target Injury and reason for injury.
    • Hands on Therapy. Examples include: deep tissue release, low grade joint mobilization, cupping, and more.
    • Take-home game plan. Using the app “MedBridge Go”, Molly prescribes therapeutic exercises specifically geared at rehabilitating the injury and strengthening it to prevent future occurrences.
  • Follow-Up Maintenance Session ($100/hour):
    • Re-evaluation of initial assessment. Did things get better or do we need to reassess?
    • Hands on Therapy. What can be done now to relieve any discomfort or pain?

Just looking for a general sports massage? Step in for hands-on manual therapy, including but not limited to, assisted stretching, deep tissue release, and more.

Not ready to get out and about just yet? House Calls/Home visits may be available upon request (additional $20 travel/set-up fee).

Email for more information, or to set up an appointment.