The Cave Staff

Get to know our family! The Cave’s coaching and support staff have backgrounds and experience in a wide variety of sports and other disciplines. With extensive knowledge in strength training, conditioning, and kinesthetics, our coaches will help you obtain and exceed your goals.

  • Roger Harrell
    Roger Harrell
    CEO/CIO, Coach
  • Amanda Norton
    Amanda Norton
    Athletics Director, Coach
  • Russell Bruel
    Russell Bruel
    Facilities Director, Coach
  • JB Douglas
    JB Douglas
    Parkour Director, Coach
  • Bo Winegarner
    Bo Winegarner
    CrossFit Director, Coach
  • Amy Dockus
    Amy Dockus
    Operations Director
  • Den Bell
    Den Bell
    Rec. Gymnastics Director, Men's Team Head Coach
  • Crystal Yescas
    Crystal Yescas
    Office Manager
  • Haily-Jo Speakman
    Haily-Jo Speakman
    Office Assistant Manager
  • Lexi Schumacher
    Lexi Schumacher
    Events Manager, Coach
  • Adlae D’Orazio
    Adlae D’Orazio
  • Andrey Pfening
    Andrey Pfening
    Parkour Coach
  • Chelsea McAlexander
    Chelsea McAlexander
  • Dana Schuman
    Dana Schuman
  • Nancy Rush
    Nancy Rush
  • Ron Benitez
    Ron Benitez
  • Chloe Christensen
    Chloe Christensen
    Gymnastics Coach
  • Monica Lara
    Monica Lara
    Office Administration
  • Olivia Timpson
    Olivia Timpson
    Gymnastics Coach
  • Emily Becker
    Emily Becker
    Gymnastics Coach
  • Alana Peters
    Alana Peters
    Office Administration
  • Cosmo Ocegueda
    Cosmo Ocegueda
    Crossfit Coach
  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones
    Parkour Coach, Social Media Marketing
  • Cassidy Castellana
    Cassidy Castellana
    Gymnastics Coach
  • Carmen Noyola
    Carmen Noyola
    Gymnastics Coach
  • Kevin Bull
    Kevin Bull
    Gymnastics Coach
  • Sami Mericle
    Sami Mericle
    Gymnastics & Crossfit Kids Coach, Office Administrator
  • Dessa Needham
    Dessa Needham
    Gymnastics Coach
  • Janel Yerden
    Janel Yerden
    Gymnastics Coach, Graphic Designer