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To see our Class Schedule for Gymnastics, please click here: Gymnastics Class Schedule. Classes are 55 minutes for age 3+ and 45 minutes for Parent and Me.

Age ranges for our Gymnastics Classes are:

  • Parent & Me (18 months to Age 2)
  • Pre-Rec Level 1 (Age 3-5)*
  • Rec Level 1 (Age 6-12)*
  • Teens (Age 13+)

*Indicates an age range for the entire class. However, individual classes are broken down further into a more narrow age range. Example: Pre-Rec Level 1 has two different age groups of age 3-4 and age 4-5.

Gymnastics Program Overview

Gymnastics is a sport of movement and skill. It will build strength, improve agility and flexibility, and create overall balance and control. Because it builds the foundation for all other physical activities, it is a sport you’re never too young or old to try. The Cave’s coaches create classes to meet the needs of all students—whether beginners or ex-elite gymnasts—and help them thrive.

Our athletes come to gymnastics for a variety of reasons. Some hope to join our competitive team, some want to learn specific skills and some just come for the fun of it. Whatever the reason, gymnastics is one of the best sports a child can engage in. It develops flexibility, strength, coordination, grace, a healthy body, and positive self esteem. Children who take gymnastics classes also gain social and cognitive skills that aid their overall development inside and outside of the gym.