We are a facility dedicated to improving the health and fitness of our athletes. We offer a wide range of disciplines including Gymnastics, CrossFit, and Parkour. We provide our members with the opportunity to increase their physical capabilities in new and innovative ways.

The Cave grew with the strength of our community, and it’s how we continue to thrive. With overlapping class times for kids and adults, a morning Parent and Me gymnastics program, and a variety of summer camps and weekend events for kids, The Cave offers more than just a space to learn and grow. It helps build long-lasting relationships.


Run by a team of coaches with decades of teaching and competitive athletic experience, our gymnastics program is for all ages. We have adult classes, a competitive gymnastics team that completes in local and out-of-state competitions, and classes available for children as young as 18 months. The Cave has something for every aspiring gymnast.


Our CrossFit program incorporates aspects from a wide variety of sports. We specialize in not specializing, ensuring that our program is broad and inclusive. It prepares you for sport, recreation, and life in ways that are unmatched. Our team of coaches has a wealth of knowledge in areas like Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, and Yoga.

Our CrossFit Kids program introduces kids to a lifestyle of health and fitness in a fun and engaging way. These classes focus on safe technique and functional movement.


Our Parkour program is one of the largest in the country and was developed before the sport became popular through competitions like American Ninja Warrior. Our coaches are some of the best in the sport and have competed in both local and nationwide competitions.

Remote Coaching/Consultation

If you are unable to make it to our facility we offer remote coaching and consultation. If you are interested in seeing how our coaching can help you reach your goals please contact staff@inthecave.com.

Gymnastics Seminars

After founding the CrossFit Gymnastics certification seminars and years of incorporating gymnastics elements into fitness programs we offer seminars for facility staff and clients in gymnastics instruction and training. Our seminars run from half day training seminars to full weekend intensives in gymnastics development. If you are interested in one of our gymnastics seminars please contact roger@inthecave.com.