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“I want to look good naked”

Don’t we all.

One of my favorite people in the gym said this to me a few months ago when we started with the nutrition challenge.  Not, “I want to lose 10 pounds,” and not “I want to wear size whatever,” but “I want to look good naked.”  That’s real talk!

I am sure this person wouldn’t care in the least if I exposed who they are, but for sake of sakes, they shall go nameless.  The point is, I hear ya.  I want to look good naked, too.

I’ll never forget when I was at the UCLA gym…and I should mention that this was a pre-crossfit period in my life…girls wearing makeup, students reading while “working out” (complete joke–we all know if you can read while doing a workout you are doing nothing), boys comparing just how low their arm pits holes were cut (by the way, why?)…seriously just a social hour.  Now, I’ll admit that I too gained weight in college, like many do.  So I wasn’t in the best shape I’ve ever been in, but I at least went to the gym for a reason, and that reason was to workout.  I did not want to meet guys, and I certainly did not want to bother putting makeup on to go to the gym (still don’t…by the time I’m done I’d look like a clown).

And there she was.  She was wearing tiny little shorts and a pink sports bra. She was on a treadmill and man was she running.  Fast.  I mean, she was in a full stride.  I just so happened to pass by (because I just had to walk in her direction) and see that she was in her fourth mile, so this girl was no joke.  She was running.  Not only was I impressed with her pace and distance, but also she was hot!  Lean, muscular, legs for days.  To top it off, she glistened.  You know those people who just look good when they sweat?  She was one of them.  Not me.  I turn beat red and get blotchy.  B!t@$.  That was the only thing that came to mind.  And if you are offended by this encrypted word, I assure you all I am doing plenty of push ups these days!

What’s my point?  Why did I hate this chick?  Well, I wanted to look like her.  But here’s the thing… I never will.  I will never look like that girl.  I wont glisten and I wont have her body.  I have a completely different body type and its ok.  I want to feel good naked.

I have considered this for a while now.  I am headed to regional s where all the ladies are hot mamas, all super tough and well outfitted.  I have certainly thought about showing up to the party prepared, if you know what I mean.  I want to look just as good as they do.  But I would be stupid to try to diet down for appearances.  I need fuel right now.  I am going to work, and I feel good for it.  Food is just as important as training right now.  Good food.  So, most likely I will look just they way I do in one month from now.  I am content with this, because again, I feel good.  I feel really good (and I am there to do well–hopefully looking good while doing it).

So when you are considering what your motivations are, I am willing to bet that if you feel pretty good, you’re looking pretty good.  If you lose a bunch of weight, but feel like crap because of it, will it be worth it?  No way.  But if you are in the gym, working your butt off (or trying to build one), and you feel good at the end of every day, but still want some improvements in your physique, I’d say you’re in a good spot.  A little vanity can be good for all of us once in a while.  It keeps us going.

So think about what you want, and go get it.  Get to work, and you’ll find it fast.

3 Responses to ““I want to look good naked””

  1. Debbie P says:

    So, it appears I can deny it no longer, I need new reading glasses. I read “Amanda” as “Amadraeus” when I ventured up on this blog post. The subject matter certainly perpetuated the interests of my mistaken author—looking good naked; recall, back in the day, ‘Dres was half naked at the gym more often than not. I got to the part about the ‘little shorts and pink sports bra’ (yawn!), and yup, clearly a post by ‘Dres.
    But, then, I stopped in my tracks. The next line was “why do I hate this chick? Well, I wanted to look like her.” REALLY???!!!! Clearly, lots have changed since I was last at the gym if ‘Dres wants to LOOK like a chick in a pink sports bra!!! Yikes!
    Well, ‘Dres, you’ll be happy to know I did look again at the author of the post, and I won’t be spreading rumors about your desire to look good in a pink sports bra! :-)
    Looks like today will be a great day to get outside and enjoy some nakedness—just remember your sunscreen!
    -Debbie P

  2. Jacqui says:

    Debbie, that’s hilarious!
    Amanda, GREAT post. I want to look like you!

  3. Darrell says:

    Another fabu post from our great communicator. Gotta say, thats thanks to knowing what it is to work hard, I appreciate that blotchy really rocks, the “glisteners” are freaks of nature, and when I end up in a heap on the floor I feel pretty.

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