NEW! Gymnastics and Parkour Classes


Hi there Cave Community!

On September 15th, Marin County moved into Tier 2 per the State of California’s Color-coded COVID Risk Status. This means a couple things:

  • We have been approved for 10% capacity indoors.
  • All students and staff must be masked at all times while indoors.
  • All students and staff must be properly socially distanced while indoors and outdoors.
  • All equipment will be cleaned between each individual student’s use by the coach. In addition to this, we fog our entire facility with a safe cleaning solution to ensure all surfaces are sanitized after each day’s activities.
  • The majority of our classes will be hybrid, in that they’ll be both outdoors part of the time and indoors another part.

NEW! Parkour Class Schedule

NEW! Gymnastics Class Schedule

Not ready for indoor masked activity?

You may not be ready for indoor masked activity but are ready for outdoor-only unmasked, socially distant activity, for which we are launching new classes for Gymnastics and Parkour!

  • Gymnastics Outdoor Only
    • Level 1 Monday-Friday from 5:30pm-6:20pm
  • Parkour Outdoor Only
    • Wednesday at 5:00pm for Level 1 (Ages 7-8)
    • Thursday at 3:30pm for Level 1 (Ages 9-12)

Not ready for in-person activity?

We understand you may not be ready for in-person activity, for which we have Live Online Classes available.