INTRODUCING: CrossFit Varsity

We’re excited to announce a new program in our Youth Strength and Conditioning Department: CrossFit Varsity.

CrossFit Varsity is a training program for high school athletes to increase their fitness outside of their respected sport.  It is targeted toward the varsity level athlete, ages 15-18. CrossFit Varsity is a great opportunity to train alongside members of similar age and goals, in a heavily coached and detail oriented environment.

Is your high school athlete looking to become more explosive, increase coordination, or enhance stamina?  Our program will challenge these areas.  CrossFit Varsity will utilize the foundational movements of CrossFit,  alongside other Strength and Conditioning modalities to give a complete training session day to day.

Launching this summer, there are two ways to get involved:

CrossFit Varsity Classes

Tuesdays at 4:30 PM and Thursdays at 5:30 PM

Classes will begin on the week of June 14th and will run consistently throughout the year.  CrossFit Varsity  classes are ideal  for the athlete who wants to stay consistent with training either in season or off.   Athletes have the option to attend one or both depending on their training needs. Classes will run for 60 minutes and will include  full warm ups including mobility and movement prep, skill and strength based training sets, conditioning sets, and cool downs and finishers.

If you have further questions regarding our new CrossFit Varsity Program at The Cave, please email our CrossFit Kids Program Manager, Cosmo Ocegueda at  For questions about our Adult CrossFit Program, please email our CrossFit Director, Bo Winegarner at