Congratulations Women’s Gymnastics Team!

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Here are the highlights from The Flipping Over The Valley Invitational Meet that happened in Napa from September 15-17, 2023.
Our Compulsory Level 3s and 4s had an outstanding first meet, with lots of firsts and state qualifiers! Please see below. Highlights will include 1st-3rd place, 37.000+AA & 9.5+, 28.5+Event & High Score of the Session.
Napa Invitational-Highlights (Gold, Silver, Bronze, 37.000+ AA & 9.5+, 28.5+Event & High Score of Session):
-Level 3s-
*Scotland Thompson- 1st Place VT Champion 9.5251st Place UB Champion 9.6751st Place AA Champion 37.975
Scotland also placed 2nd out of the entire session regardless of age groups-out of 49 girls, as well as posting the highest Vault score of the entire session out of 49 girls. Congratulations, Scotland!
*Tanya Ewing- 1st Place UB Champion 9.750, 2nd BB, 1st Place FX Champion1st Place AA Champion 37.300
Tanya posted the highest Bars score of the entire session out of 49 girls. Way to go, Tanya!
*Celia Saunders- 3rd UB, 1st Place BB Champion
*Charlie Sichi- 2nd FX 9.175
*Nari Sulpizio- 3rd VT, 2nd UB
*Banks Slader- 3rd FX
Congratulations to the entire Level 3 team-Scotland, Charlie, Banks, Nari, Tanya and Celia-for being 2nd Place team out of six teams! VT-3rd, UB-2nd 28.675, BB-2nd 28.175, FX-3rd-27.675
And congratulations to Banks, Nari, Tanya, Celia, Scotland and Charlie who all qualified to Level 3 States at this competition! The entire team!
-Level 4s-
*Scarlett Kennedy-Woodcock- 1st Place VT Champion, 3rd UB, 1st Place BB Champion, 2nd FX, 1st Place AA Champion
*Clara Zoog- 1st Place VT Champion, 3rd FX, 3rd AA
*Yumi Sulpizio- 2nd BB 9.525, 3rd FX
*Sophia Zamzow- 3rd BB
*Siena Everheart- 3rd BB 9.5
Congratulations to the entire Lev 4 Team for placing 2nd on VT, and 3rd on BB out of eight teams! 
And congratulations to Scarlett, Clara, Yumi, Sophia, Siena, Levea and Emma for all qualifying to Level 4 States at this competition! The entire team!
Thank you, Coach Emily, for all of your hard work leading this group to a very successful first competition of the season.
We are so proud of all the girls, and are looking forward to our next competition in a few weeks.